In 2012 I created the Southern Shorts Awards Film Festival out of frustration in dealing with festivals my films had been in. None of the them gave feedback on my films and the festivals I didn't get into never explained why.

I wanted to make a festival where every film was judged by three judges and every filmmaker received their scoresheet and judges comments, whether they got into the festival or not. And at no extra cost. But I couldn't get into Without-a-Box to promote the festival as I couldn't find a good venue.

Fast forward to 2016 when FilmFreeway came along and I was able to get a screening partner with the Aurora Cineplex here in Roswell. We are now in our 8th quarterly season and have made our way into FilmFreeway's coveted Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals, and that's out of more than 6,000 world wide.

If you have a short film (under 30 minutes), we accept all short films regardless of release date. We are always open to entries as we are a rolling festival with screenings every three months. We are the best bang for the buck of ANY festival on the planet, so click on either logo above to check us out!