Professional Audition Services

"You never get a second chance at a first impression."

Video auditions are becoming the norm and if you’re going to be competitive, your video has to be as professional as your performance. We offer professional quality audition videos by an award-winning Director and Editor.



Rate: $40 per hour all inclusive. To schedule your audition video call:

(404) 825-5070

"Stephen has top equipment and is a pleasure to work with." - John Schmedes "If know-how, quality, and efficiency mean anything to you, Bright Forest Production is where you will find it." - Lainie Smith "Stephen is very professional, knowledgeable and conscientious and he is committed to provide you with a great video audition every time." - Gary Babiarz

Rate includes:

• Video shot on a professional Sony EX1 video camera in Hi-Def 1080P.

• Audio recorded with a professional Oktava MK319 mic.

• Three-point lighting setup with video monitoring for playback available.

• Takes are transferred to an editing station for viewing on a 37" monitor.

• The video is transcoded for web delivery and uploaded to your specified server.

• Preferred payment is with cash, but you may also pay through PayPal using most credit cards, no checks.


Video audition guidelines:

Treat it like any other audition and take it seriously.

• Rehearse and try to memorize the lines so that you can concentrate on the delivery.

• Bring 2 copies of your sides so the reader has one.

• SLATES: Pre and/or post slates vary per production, make sure you know exactly what they want. Print the email out and bring it along so we can be sure the audition is done to their standards.

• Bring all of the upload information, such as web address and format.

• Some productions require that you post on a password-protected system as they do not want scenes from the film to be available to the public.

• We can upload to any storage or forwading service such as Dropbox or YouSendIt and also offer password protected uploads to Vimeo for an additional $5 per audition.

Respond promptly to audition requests and try to get as much info as you can about the character before interpreting the scene. When you’re on camera, act as though you have the part and you're actually on the set. Even if you don't get that part, a good performance will often be remembered and may lead to other opportunities. Finally, make sure you follow the instructions of the audition to the letter, some are very specific about format and uploading and there's no point in making a great audition if they don't see it.